Zine Publishing Service by Bazinega

With Bazinega’s zine publishing service, we aim to simplify the publishing process for new artists, enabling them to focus on their creativity while we handle the technical aspects and help them share their zines with the world.

Phase 1

Zine Formatting & Design Assistance

We understand that creating an aesthetically pleasing zine is essential to grab the attention of readers. Our team of experienced designers will assist you in formatting your zine, choosing the right layout, typography, and visuals to ensure a visually compelling end product.

Phase 2

Printing and Production Support

Printing and production can be a complex process for zines, especially for beginners. Bazinega offers guidance on selecting suitable printing methods, paper types, and binding options. Additionally, we also provide recommendations for reliable printing vendors or even facilitate the printing process on behalf of the artists.

Phase 3

Distribution and Marketing Guidance

One of the challenges for budding artists is getting their zines into the hands of potential readers. Bazinega provides guidance on effective distribution strategies, such as recommending local zine fairs, independent bookstores, or online platforms for zine sales (**cough*bazinega.in*cough**).

Additionally, Bazinega offers marketing tips and resources to help artists promote their zines, such as social media strategies, collaborations, and targeted advertising.

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